100 Movies

I was going to write a post entitled "The 100 Greatest Movies Evar" but then I figured I wasn't really egotistical enough to declare, by myself, the greatest movies ever. (Truthfully, I do think that highly of myself, but it seemed like a lot of pressure.) I revised it into a list of "My 100 Favorite Films". This would seem to suffice for most people, for me it quickly devolved into a series of sub-lists of particular directors and genres, so as to not skew the main list one way or another. Having 6 or 8 Hitchcock films on the list might start to do just that thing, but I couldn't very well just write 'Hitchcock Films' as an entry. First of all I haven't seen all of them, secondly some of his movies just wouldn't make my top 100 list. Ok, so we can all tell that the 100 faves list would probably turn into an essay on classification systems and the applications thereof.

I decided to free myself and create a list that I am calling "100 Movies That I Love But Which Are Not Necessarily My Favorite Films, Nor Would They Be My Votes For The Greatest Movies Of All Time, Although Some Of Them Certainly Could Be." Or "100 Movies" if you're into the whole brevity thing.

My wife mocked me for not only feeling the need to make such a list, but that I would need to both quantify and qualify the list itself. Then she mocked me for being able to make several lists that would all contain 100 movies and would have so little overlap that I would need to define them as discrete items. I realize that to most people this stuff is trivia but it's what I dig on.

Enough hullabaloo, on with the 100 Movies.
(Oh, and just because this is a numbered list, that does not in and of itself denote any sort of ranking system, these are just some movies I love, off the top of my head.)

1. Leon: The Professional
2. The Maltese Falcon
3. True Romance
4. In America
6. Raging Bull
7. When Harry Met Sally
8. Vertigo
9. To Kill A Mockingbird
10. Spirited Away
11. Jaws
12. 12 Monkeys
13. Dog Day Afternoon
14. Interiors
15. The Evil Dead
16. A Very Long Engagement
17. Glengarry Glen Ross
18. 28 Days Later
19. Bullitt
20. Oldboy
21. Armageddon
22. Usual Suspects
23. Sin City
24. Empire Records
25. The Big Lebowski
26. Clue
27. Carlito's Way
28. The Thin Man
29. L'Avventura
30. Night of the Living Dead
31. THX 1138
32. Cabin Fever
33. The Royal Tenenbaums
34. Punch Drunk Love
35. Charade
36. The Tingler
37. Lethal Weapon
38. Rosemary's Baby
39. A Slipping Down Life
40. Children Of Men
41. The Limey
42. Taxi Driver
43. The Color Of Money
44. Cool Hand Luke
45. The Exorcist
46. Do The Right Thing
47. Tideland
48. Psycho
49. Zodiac
50. American Grafitti
51. Romeo+Juliet
52. Nightmare On Elm Street
53. Brick
54. Blood Simple
55. The Village
56. Sunset Boulevard
57. El Mariachi
58. Clerks 2
59. The Goonies
60. Breakfast At Tiffany's
61. Annie Hall
62. A History Of Violence
63. La Femme Nikita
64. Pan's Labyrinth
65. Primer
66. The Departed
67. The Shining
68. Tombstone
69. King Kong
70. L.A. Confidential
71. Pet Sematary
72. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
73. The Jerk
74. Heat
75. Pi
76. The Commitments
77. The Lady Vanishes
78. True Grit
79. Nashville
80. Barton Fink
81. Dr. Strangelove
82. Children of the Corn
83. Halloween
84. Spartacus
85. Intacto
86. The World According to Garp
87. Ghostbusters
88. The City of Lost Children
89. The Terminator
90. Alien (s) (3) (Resurrection)
91. The Verdict
92. The Abyss
93. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
94. Rashomon
95. Run Lola Run
96. Stalag 17
97. Rififi
98. The Talented Mr. Ripley
99. The Fly (Cronenberg)
100. Ginger Snaps


Michael said...

OK seriously how is Clerks 2 on the list and Clerks isn't?

Spartickes said...

That is exactly the type of questions I had hoped to avoid by having the title "100 Movies That I Love But Which Are Not Necessarily My Favorite Films, Nor Would They Be My Votes For The Greatest Movies Of All Time, Although Some Of Them Certainly Could Be." Which as noted will henceforth be referred to as "100 Movies" or possibly "100MTILBWANNMFFNWTBMVFTGMOATASOTCCB"
to be more precise but, tragically, less concise.

Katie said...

I hope that by King Kong, you mean the OLD one. Not the new one.