Anatomy of a scene

Damn, I am jazzed. I just got finished watching Anatomy of a Scene on Sundance Channel they were detailing Zach Braff's first directorial effort Garden State. First off I think this film just looks amazing, the cinematography is touching yet comic (ala American Beauty) and the art direction is slightly stylized and surreal.

Did that last sentence make sense to anyone who is not a film geek?

I'm supposed to be shooting the opening scene of my movie this weekend, however I'm not sure that it will happen because not all of my props have arrived yet. At this point I can either drive to Atlanta tomorrow (about 5 hours each way) or wait 'til next weekend to shoot. GAH, thats no good either, I already have a project that I'm shooting for someone else next weekend. Now I have a conundrum. I'm thinking I might just make the drive so I can shoot on Sunday.

Well, that kind of took the wind out of my sails

Damn, I used to be jazzed.


Well it IS my birthday!

Thats right, first post ON my birthday. This year I didn't make any New Years resolutions so I'm making some for my birthday. Here they are in no particular order, well, other than the fact that they are going to be on a numeric list:

1. Finish at least 3 films this year.

2. Write more. (hence this blog!)

3. Train to run in next years Music City Marathon.

4. Let the people in my life know that they matter.

5. Stop whining

It's a pretty short list but then again life is pretty good right now. I will try to update this at least once a day. Hopefully I'll get into a groove and feel more comfortable with it in the near future.