A List of Somewhat Random Facts About Me

1.I have a son, born 3/12/03. (Connor Night)
2.I have a daughter, born 9/18/05. (Keira Bryce)
3. I married an amazing woman on 07/01/00 (Mari Gayle)
4.We got married less than 5 months after meeting.
5. We have 2 dogs (Scully and Charlie)
6. We have 2 cats (Orson and Wanda)
7. We also have a hermit crab (Coochie-coochie)
8. I am a geek (as evidence, dig the fact that both children and all but one pet were named after pop culture refrences.)
9. I am a stay at home dad.
10. I am a writer/director.
11. I wrapped production on my first short earlier this year.
12. Being a stay at home dad is the hardest job I've ever had.
13. Trying to be creative and find time to write while being a stay at home dad is the second.
14. And I used to be a brick layer.
15. Also, a cab driver, computer tech, cook, welder, shoe salesmen, set builder, and on, and on and on.
16. I never proposed to my wife, I just assumed she'd want me.
17. I was right.
18. I love coffee.
19. The first clear memory I have was watching television with my dad, the show was "The Twilight Zone" the episode was called "Passage on the Lady Anne."
20. The second thing I remember watching on TV was the making of the "Thriller" music video.
21. For better or worse these two experiences shaped much of what I am today.
22. Perhaps unsurprisingly I love "The X-Files"
23. Perhaps surprisingly I also love "The Gilmore Girls"
24. I think that "Good Eats" is one of the best shows on television.
25. Growing up I had a compulsion to mentally spell all the words I was speaking out loud.
26. I once worked with a man who believed that Count Chocula was an embodiment of the Devil, and therefore would not take his children down the cereal isle at the grocery store. He also believed that the bible stated that other races (non-white) should be looked down on.
28. I once broke his nose with a can of 7-Up.
29. The one thing I hate is intolerance.
30. I often get distracted in the middle of the sock and shoe taking off process. It's not uncommon to see me wandering around my house in one stocking foot and one shoe.
31. Or two stocking feet but one sock half off.
32. Converse Chuck Taylors are my all time favorite shoes.
33. Cap'n Crunch is my all time favorite cereal.
34. Raisin Bran is a close second.
35. I have broken all my toes, some more than once.
36. I broke my leg as a toddler, my parents didn't take me to the hospital for 3 days because there was no bruising or swelling. My dad broke down crying in the parking lot of his work when we went to pick him up and he saw the cast on my leg.
37. I competed in the Jr. Olympics for Tae Kwon Do.
38. I got my first guitar for christmas when I was 10 years old.
39. I originally went to college to study classical guitar.
40. I am currently taking jazz guitar lessons.
41. I also played the trumpet, trombone, tuba, violin, and various percussion instruments in high school and college.
42. I took piano lessons in grade school.
43. I've never learned to read music, I either played by ear or rote memorization.
44. As a child I wanted to be a writer when I grew up.
45. In third grade my favorite authors were Edgar Allen Poe, Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle, and Judy Blume.
46. By fifth grade Stephen King bumped Judy Blume off the list.
47. In middle school a friends older brother introduced me to The Pixies, Soundgarden, Monty Python, Doom, The Sandman comics, and speculative fiction literature in general. He also tried to get me to watch Star Trek, but I had to draw the line somewhere.
48. I still haven't seen a whole episode of any iteration of Star Trek.
49. Despite the fact that Wil Wheaton is one of my favorite bloggers.
50. I have a tattoo based on artwork from an issue of The Sandman.
51. Neil Gaiman is now one of my favorite authors.
52. I want to get another tattoo based on my love of film.
53. My mom introduced me to horror movies at a young age.
54. Probably too young.
55. I'm glad she did.
56. I've never smoked a cigarette.
57. Or anything else.
58. Or done any illicit drugs.
59. Or played a drinking game.
60. I did however start going to bars when I was 19.
61. I rarely drank though, mostly I played pool with friends from work.
62. I never got carded until the day of my 21st birthday.
63. In second grade I fell off the neighbors porch and landed on a rock, on my forehead.
64. I have a scar nearly in the middle of my forehead from it.
65. It is vaguely shaped like a lightning bolt.
66. I think that's awesome.
67. I dislike getting hair cuts, I think they never turn out right.
68. My wife thinks I look cute in baseball hats.
69. I am getting tired of writing about myself.
70. I like to cook.
71. I am actually pretty good at it.
72. I also know how to knit.
73. Not well, but I did make a camera holder for my wife.
74. Plums are probably my favorite fruit.
75. Unless blue raspberry flavoring is considered a fruit.
76. I've had my tongue pierced 3 times.
77. I often have dreams in which my tongue is pierced.
78. I also often have dreams where I can fly but only by concentrating very hard, I generally wake up tired and sore after these dreams.
79. I'm done.


Michael said...

I am convinced that saying "Let's drink until it's all messed up" is very close to a drinking game.

Spartickes said...

The result is much the same I believe. I was referring specifically to games such as beer pong, quarters, taking a drink every time Bob Dylan sings a line without enunciating. Stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

Tongue pierced? I would have NEVER guessed! Why don't you have it done now?