Cold Shot

I spent several hours this evening reviewing the footage I shot last weekend for Joe. It's only an hour and 45 minutes of footage but nearly every bit of it is usable. We decided to cut way down on filming time by shooting detail shots and then writing voice-overs for it, rather than try to ad-lib lines on location. So far our plan has worked, but now I am faced not with finding the "good" take out of several but with writing from the ground up, using the footage that I think will be good enough for him to write bits about. It seems that while I saved us a lot of time and hassles in the field I have inadvertanly created much more work in the editing room for myself. Ah well, live and learn and all that jazz.

On the plus side, it looks like I get to order the firearms for the movie tomorrow! WooHoo! That makes me much more excited than it really should.

Thank you Damian and Ryan for the great ideas and support.


Come Together

See a couple of hours ago I was feeling down, sad, mopy, blah, lonely. You know, not so good. Basically the only things that've happened in the last hour or so are a couple of really good conversations, and a few compliments on the last promo piece I did. That's really all it took to remind me that I do indeed have friends and that I have been productive recently.

So here I am outside of a club typing away just because I wanted to share my joy. And talk to a friend...mainly the friend thing, but you don't feel bad about that do you? Aww baby, it's cool, we just talkin'. Yeah thats better, let me make it up to you. Have an Almond Joy. There thats better aint it?


Once in a while...

I've been having an amazing time. When I was filming at the Delorean car show this past weekend I recieved a job offer. I really cant say too much about it until I get some more information but it could be HUGE for me. Ok I know this was short but I've got to do some editing before work tonight (7:00) so I'd better get to it.