So What Have You Been Up To?

Myself? Oh not much. Well, thats not entirely true, it could be quite a lot actually, I just don't want to talk about it too much, lest I jinx it. If you've talked to me IRL in the past few months you probably know about it already. If I haven't talked to you and you just can't wait, drop me a line and I'll probably fill you in. I just don't know if it's kosher to broadcast it yet.

Enough of that vagueness. Here's a specific for you, I will not be outdone by Mike. Since he has seen fit to post about every new film he watches this year, I've decided to blatantly rip off the idea. I'm actually planning on trying to write something about every film I see, whether I've seen it or not. No matter the source, (movies on tv are fair game) as long as I watched it on purpose. I'm not going to pressure myself into writing about Flubber just because it was on in the background and I was too busy playing on PokerStars to look for the remote. Also each movie gets own post, unless it was watched as part of an intentional double bill or marathon, conceived for the purpose of comparing and contrasting the works.

So in the spirit of completeness (and also because I have OCD) I will be doubling back to pick up the movies I checked out the first couple of weeks of 2008.

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