Star Trek

I've never watched an episode of any iteration of Star Trek. I have watched the first movie (or more correctly Motion Picture), but haven't gotten into any of the mythos of the series (serii?) at all.

That being said, I got damn goosebumps watching the trailer for the upcoming J.J. Abrams version.


Michael said...

You need to at least watch the original 79 episodes of Star Trek. It's an American icon...

That said, I'm a huge Trek fan and waver between unbelievable excitement and the horror that we'll have a classic Trek film without Shatner. Sorry, but he is Kirk and it will take the performance of a lifetime to make me see anyone else in the role.

Spartickes said...

I have the soundtrack to the first movie, which has a bonus disc with interviews and what not with the cast and Gene. I've listened to that probably two or three times and I really dig the ideas and themes that Rodenberry based it on. It seems like it would be right up my alley, if it wasn't so damn intimidating that is.

I have much the same feeling about Dr. Who. It intrigues me on more than one level, but I just feel lost.