New Slang

I filmed a one man show last night at a bar called Hair of the Dog. I'm not sure if you've ever seen anything like this before. It was truly amazing to see someone perform an hour and twelve minutes of stand up bits interspersed with longer stories. The crowd was very attentive and respoded well. The performer Craig Smith is also the organizer of Nashville Standup's Mock the Vote campaign, which is registering voters at several local comedy shows.

After the show a bunch of people walked over to Craig's house (which is about two blocks away). On the way there we kept passing cd cases that had been thrown on the sidewalk, with the booklets and rear inserts still in them, but alas, no actual cds remained. After passing Journey, Joan Osbourne, and Eagles (Hotel Califorina! Damn heathens!) we stumbled across Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits which for some reason struck the fancy of Craig's girlfriend and it was decided that she would take it home with her. This struck me as odd, as I know that they have that cd with a fine looking case within the ranks of their audio entertainment. For the remainder of the evening she would not inform me as to the expected fate of said case and inserts. I can only hope she will be using it as part of an art project that reveals to the viewer the dangers that come in the form of THE GREATEST HIT ALBUM!

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