I'm Spiderman! no really this time I am!

Ok, I'm not actually but I did see his new movie! Yes, I went to the 12:01 showing of Spiderman 2. First off I loved it. It was a darker film than the first, and even more character oriented. Pretty emotionally complex for a superhero movie to boot. Secondly every one in the theater was very attentive and quiet, that never happens for me! My only real complaint was the wonky sound system that overcompensated for the loudness in some of the action scenes by dropping the volume, in the middle of an explosion. I'm not sure if the amps were clipping or what, but it sucks when you hear BOOOOOoom. Now I'm off to try to wind down enough to go to bed.

Hey, he stole that guys pizzas!

Trust me, it'll be funny when you're older.

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