I'm Batman!

My geek side rejoices! Ok to be truthful I don't really have a "geek side" its pretty much just all geek.

I think this is great news for the new Batman movie. The studio seems to have picked up the trend of taking a talented "indie" director and giving him the reigns of a big budget actioner. This is becoming more and more prevalent as of late, first there was Peter Jackson getting tapped to do the Lord of the Rings movies and then Sam Raimi with the Spiderman franchise and most recently Alfonso Cuaron helming the latest Harry Potter flick. They've also gone with more "indie" actors this time around as well. I've only seen Cillian Murphy in two movies so far but he has blown me away in both of them, it will be interesting to see how he handles this role. Most actors tend to go over the top when they play villians but Murphy has been very humanistic in his choices in the past. At the very least it seems like it will be a good ride.

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