Tea In the Sahara

Holy crap. Holy crap and wow. In one week I finished my biggest project yet and screened my first short for a group of strangers.

The big project was filming and editing a half hour comedy special that took place at The Belcourt Theatre. It was a great show and I'm really happy with the way the DVD turned out. Many thanks to Matt Sterling and Jonathan Richter for the animation and advice.

Notice that I said I FINISHED my biggest project to date, I still have a HUGE FRIGGEN' project with Joe Southards thats due at the end of the month.

The short was shown as part of a sketch comedy show that took place at Bongo Java(whose site is down otherwise I'd give 'em a friendly link). Actually I got to show three things I've been working on: a commerical for Nashvillestandup.com, a mock news feed featuring the aforementioned Joe Southards, and an "anti-drug" PSA, concieved by Damian Anaya, who was also my editing partner for that bit. I will try to get the commerical and the PSA online soon so my adoring fan can fawn over it. The show itself was solid and I recieved great responses on my material. Once again many thanks go out to Matt Sterling, for the projector and screen and many bloody laughs.

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